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Water Monitoring Services

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Protecting Park County Water Resources

E.coli Monitoring

In 2013, the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved the document E. coli Total Maximum Daily Loads for the Shoshone River Watershed for waters that had been identified as being impaired for E. coli bacteria in the Shoshone River Watershed. The CCD has recently resumed monitoring efforts for E. coli. on Dry Gulch, a waterbody that had been listed in the document as being impaired to determine whether it continues to pose a human health risk. The CCD is also collecting data on Homesteader/Dry Creek, which is not currently listed but is of interest to the WDEQ.

With community support, the CCD will expand our monitoring efforts to evaluate bacteria loading in other parts of the watershed to protect human health and other designated water uses.